Benefits of Cyber Theft Warranty

With Cyber Theft Warranty, You Will Be Protected Against Cyber Attacks On Your Mobile Devices
Unauthorized Access

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Cyber Theft Warranty ?

Cyber Theft Warranty (CTW) provides financial relief to users who suffer monetary losses in their electronic wallet as a result of a Cyber Hack. The financial relief is up to the recommended retail price of the mobile device as recommended by your telecommunications service provider.

How Does The Claim Process Works?

Claim Process
Please submit your claim via this link

General Definitions
  1. Actual Quantifiable Monetary Loss means the loss of monies due to a Cyber Hack from the Warranted Device(s) whereby a direct loss of monies from the accounts in Electronic-wallets occurs. Any loss of monies belonging to the Device(s) owner due to the electronic transfer of any funds for any reasons are not considered as Actual Quantifiable Monetary Loss due to a Cyber Hack.
  2. Claim means Device(s) Owner seeking financial relief as a result of an Actual Quantifiable Monetary Loss due to a Cyber Hack of the Owner Device(s).
  3. Cyber Hack means Unauthorised Access carried out by unknown third parties who are not arising from, attributable to or based upon any intentional, criminal or fraudulent acts committed or condoned by any Devices(s) friends, relatives, spouse/partner and/or business associates of the Device(s) Owner.
  4. A Device is a mobile phone or tablet sold by the telecommunications service provider to the person whose name is listed on the purchase contract of the said service provider.
What Are Excluded In CTW ?

This warranty does not cover:

  • Confidence Scams: any financial loss based upon, arising from or as consequence of a confidence trick involving feigned intentions towards you, such as romantic intentions, investments, contracts, loans and the like, gaining your confidence or affections, and then using that goodwill to commit fraud.
  • Actual Quantifiable Monetary Loss caused via the use of third-party banking, gambling and cryptocurrency trading applications except electronic-wallets.
  • Dishonest Acts: any financial loss based upon, arising from or as a consequence of any dishonest, criminal, malicious or fraudulent acts if you willingly participated in or directed such acts.
  • Prior Matters: Any loss based upon, arising from or as a consequence of any fact, circumstance, act, threat or event which you were aware of prior to the inception date of this warranty.
  • Any Actual Quantifiable Monetary Loss sourced from a device that has undergone unauthorised modifications to its operating system and/ or violates its end-user software licence agreement.
  • Contactless payment transactions or near-field communications for payment transactions.
  • Loss incurred that are related to monies transferred to the electronic-wallet from an account of any lost or stolen credit, debit or ATM cards.
  • Unauthorized use of electronic-wallet arising from lost or stolen mobile phone or POS.
Duty Of Care/General Conditions

You must:

  1. Ensure your mobile device is used and maintained as recommended by the manufacturer or supplier; and telecommunications provider.
  2. Take measures to safeguard your personal information and details of your personal accounts, accessed via applications within your mobile device using a password, passcode, biometric fingerprint or biometric facial recognition.
  3. Ensure updates are uploaded and installed within 7 days of receipt from the telecommunications carrier or systems operator.
  • A claim must be accompanied by a valid police report of the event, dated and received by the appointed representative within 48 hours from the date of police report.
  • Evident of the monetary amount loss must be submitted upon making a claim.
How Do I Activate Cyber Theft Warranty Program ?
  1. Download the Activate.It mobile app from iOS App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Activate within 14 days from the phone purchase date via the Activate.It mobile app.
Where to find my IMEI # and DiSa # ?

Both the IMEI# (15 or 17 digits) and DiSa# (12 digits) can be found at the side of the phone packaging box. In the event that there are 2 IMEI#, please use the primary IMEI#.